Although online gambling is purely meant for entertainment, players often lose control, leading to unpleasant situations. Gambling cannot be viewed as a primary source of income. So, it is better to create boundaries, monitor spending habits, and curb the duration of gaming. If you're overshooting your gambling budget every month or gaming ceases to be fun, we recommend taking your time. If you're not ready for that sort of commitment yet, we provide you with a few helpful solutions that can help.

  • Set limits on gambling
  • Sign up for a self-exclusion program
  • Seek support from independent organizations
  • A special test that will help you recognize your condition


If you feel you're addicted to gambling, our Personal Limits function is here to help. Set a daily limit on your deposits, wagers, losses, and the duration of each gambling session. Follow this link to set your Personal Limit.

Please be advised that the Personal Limit function is subject to partial modification. You can reduce the limit once it's enforced, and the setting will take effect immediately. However, you can only increase the limit at the end of the period, subject to email confirmation. Contact our support staff at [email protected] if you need help or don't know how to start. Here's a detailed description of the options that we propose.

Deposit Limit: Limit your daily, weekly, or monthly deposits.
Loss Limit: Limit your daily, weekly, or monthly losses. Quick Disclaimer. Your losses are calculated on the deposit and not your winnings. For instance, if your deposit is C$ 100 and the loss limit is at C$10, you can be sure that you will not spend more than C$10.
Wager Limit: Limit your daily, weekly, or monthly wagers.
Session Limit: Limit the lasting of the gambling session.


1. Cool-Off Period – Take some time off from gambling if you think you need help with the addiction. You can freeze your casino account for a week, month, or six months with this feature. When active, it's impossible to make a deposit or place wagers. Even bonuses aren't accessible during the tenure. However, you can withdraw funds from your account according to the casino's terms and conditions. Once your set this limit, it's instantly activated. Hence, you will get access to your account by the end of the period.
2. Self-Exclusion Limit – You can choose to self-exclude for a month, six months, nine months, or a year. Your account will be deactivated immediately, and we will limit all promotions and bonuses. It is forbidden to withdraw the balance amount when the limit is enforced, and all payouts will be honored at the end of the period.


By signing up for the self-exclusion program, you temporarily inform the casino of your desire to quit gambling. We respect your decision and block all promotional communications. You can contact our support team at [email protected] if you wish to self-exclude. Please be advised that signing up for the self-exclusion feature prevents you from accessing any online casino till the end of the duration.

If you prefer to use this option for a fixed amount of time, the casino will manage the payment process by the end of the freezing period. If you wish to freeze your account permanently, the payout will be made as per casino regulations


People over 18 years of age can request a membership at CasiQo Casino. We follow the rules of responsible gambling and use the latest technology to track violators. We reserve the right to seek legal documents to verify a player's age. And the right to block access if the submitted information is deemed to be false or malicious. We realize that it's impossible to track every violator, unfortunately. Hence we kindly ask parents to collaborate with us to prevent young people from accessing our website. If you need more instructions on Parental Control software, check out the list below.



Solid Oak Software

Net Nanny


If you're enthusiastic about gambling, boundaries can be easily erased. This is why CasiQo sends hourly notifications reminding you how long you've been on our website and how much money you've gambled. The tracker takes note of multiple gaming sessions and reminds you that it is time to stop for a while your gambling activity.


There are numerous support groups and counselors you can reach out to for getting professional help. We've listed a few below.

Gamblers Anonymous


Gambling Therapy